Jul 20

Titan LNG’s Ambitious (Bio)-LNG Breakthrough Project Receives EU Funding

EUR 11 mln TEN-T funding for (Bio)LNG infrastructure will accelerate the shipping sectors energy transition

We are thrilled to announce that Titan LNG, one of the leading suppliers of LNG to the marine and industrial markets in Europe, has been granted €11.000.000 funding from the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF); the EU’s grant scheme supporting transport infrastructure, connectivity and the switch to greener fuels for transport.

Our project Bio2Bunker develops and expands a (Bio)-LNG (BLNG) bunkering supply chain by introducing three bunker barges in Zeebrugge, Rotterdam, and Lübeck. The bunker barges in Belgium and Germany will be similar to our two existing FlexFuelers with demonstrated operational advantages. For the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp region we will construct a mothership, the “Titan Hyperion” that will resupply our FlexFuelers.

Our customers in the shipping sector are facing a choice for the future: run on MGO, HFO with scrubbers, or go for (bio)LNG, the only proven alternative fuel that is scalable right now. Titan LNG believes that LNG-fueled ships are future proof. LNG combined with BLNG and later Synthetic Liquefied Gas (SLG), made by combining green hydrogen and CO2, offer a credible and cost competitive path to decarbonization whilst immediately improving local air quality.

We are thankful that the EU shares our vision and offers this support for overcoming the barriers to scaling up (bio)LNG as a fuel. We would briefly like to thank our partners and customers that supported our application. After the summer an official press release will follow.

We wish you all a good and safe summer holiday despite the coronavirus pandemic. We look forward to expanding our LNG supply points on land and sea in the future!

The Titan LNG team

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