& Commissioning Services

Engine manufacturers are designing and building LNG dual-fuel engines that are, or will be, capable of using many of the future fuels being discussed, including liquefied bio methane (LBM), hydrogen-derived methane, green ammonia and green methanol. This protects the capital investments made by vessel owners today and reduces future fuel risks, regardless of whether technologies change or not.

Services Titan Offers

Titan is experienced in delivering commissioning services whereby LNG storage tanks are dried with nitrogen and cooling down of tanks with liquid nitrogen (LIN) or LNG. We offer project management for such projects, including permitting, too.

We also have experience with de-commissioning services by de-bunkering, gas processing, warming-up, inerting and the aeration of tanks.

Gas & cool-down for
large LNG carriers

We can facilitate a gas-up and/or cool-down service for large scale LNG carriers prior to return to load port. This gives the LNG carrier the opportunity to discharge fully (heel-out) at the discharge terminal to optimise trades. This service can also be offered for LNG carriers leaving the yard after dry-docking.

We offer this in the Caribbean Sea, NW Europe, Mediterranean and Southeast Asia. Our in-house operations team can perform all required assurance, compatibility and Optimoor studies, and arrange permitting.

Special Projects

We have a proven track record in a wide variety of special projects. Our in-house team can provide all relevant planning, risk analysis, mooring and operational studies for safe and successful delivery.

Equipment used for our services:

Mobile vaporiser, mobile tank container for LIN or LNG, mobile Gas Combustion Unit (GCU) solutions, three specialised LNG bunkering vessels (LBVs) with various options for vapour handling and vapour return.