Dec 18

Titan LNG signs new industrial customer

Clean natural gas can now replace oil burn anywhere: Titan LNG signs new industrial customer in Germany substituting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for oil. Titan LNG is the frontrunner in economic and clean LNG supply to the industrial sector in NW Europe aiming to replace all industrial oil burn within the next few years.

Titan LNG BV announces the signing of a 5 year LNG supply contract with a new industrial customer in Niedersachsen (Germany). “Titan LNG will supply natural gas in liquid form or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from 2014 avoiding a multi million Euro investment in a gas pipeline by transporting the LNG per tanker truck to Germany. This fits our strategy of replacing oil burn in the industrial sector” said Niels den Nijs, Titan LNG’s Commercial Director. Using LNG instead of industrial heating oil will make high and volatile energy costs to produce steam a thing of the past for this industrial energy user. LNG is natural gas cooled to minus 160⁰C so that instead of a gas it is a liquid enabling economic transport. LNG is 15% more economic than industrial heating oil and propane (LPG). On top of this economic benefit LNG reduces CO2 emissions by 30%, NOx emissions by 50%, and SOx emissions with by 30% compared to industrial heating oil.

To serve its customers Titan LNG builds and then rents the infrastructure to store the gas in liquid form and vaporize the LNG to normal natural gas at its customer’s locations. Ronald van Selm, Operational Director Titan LNG, comments: “Titan LNG is a frontrunner in the transition from polluting oil to clean natural gas by constructing safe, fully CE certified, and easy to operate LNG installations at all our customer’s locations providing a carefree user experience equal to having a gas pipeline.”

The recent installation of truck loading facilities at the LNG import terminals in the harbors of Zeebrugge (Belgium) and Rotterdam (The Netherlands) means that LNG can now be distributed by tanker truck throughout North West Europe. Furthermore the price of natural gas and LNG has improved considerably and structurally versus the oil based fuels. The result is that any industrial user that is not connected to the natural gas grid now has the option to switch to economic and clean natural gas from industrial heating oil or propane (LPG), saving money with every m3 of gas burned and reducing their environmental footprint.

Please find the press release here:
Titan LNG press release new customer