Mar 12
Titan LNG and Rolande LNG Tilburg LNG filling station small

Titan LNG & Rolande LNG sign strategic partnership


Rolande LNG and Titan LNG sign strategic partnership to combine LNG sourcing, logistics, and infrastructure

Titan LNG is the frontrunner in economic and environmental friendly LNG supply to the industrial sector in NW Europe aiming to replace all industrial oil burn within this decade.

Rolande LNG is the leading company active in road transport applications of LNG in NW Europe with 4 LNG truck filling stations operational and over 100 LNG fueled Iveco trucks on the road with the goal of replacing diesel with LNG in heavy road transport in Europe.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, March 12 , 2014 – Rolande LNG and Titan LNG announce the signing of a strategic partnership for the sourcing and transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to industrial customers and LNG truck filling stations in North West Europe. “Rolande LNG will jointly source and transport LNG with Titan in our 5 dedicated LNG tank containers so that our customers can benefit from competitive prices and secure supply from multiple sources” said Fred Schouten, Rolande LNG’s owner.

The market for downstream LNG applications is rapidly developing in North West Europe under pressure of environmental standards in the form of Euro6 for trucks and emissions standards for industrial companies as well as the economic benefits of using LNG as a fuel.

LNG provides a gas supply that is independent from the natural gas grid and very secure due to the many world wide supply sources for LNG (for example Qatar, Trinidad Tobago or Norway). On top of this the economic benefits are expected to increase with more LNG supply coming on line in the near future. Australia’s new LNG liquefaction projects and Canadian and US exports are expected to put pressure on global LNG prices from 2015 making additional attractively priced LNG available to the European market. On top of this economic benefit LNG reduces CO2 emissions by 30%, NOx emissions by 50%, and SOx emissions with 30% compared to industrial heating oil.

“To serve our customers both Titan LNG and Rolande LNG provide full service solutions differing only in the last stage of the chain. Rolande LNG focuses on trucks in the transportation sector and Titan LNG on the industrial sector and shipping sector. Even the infrastructure to store the gas in liquid form is similar” Niels den Nijs, commercial director of Titan LNG commented.

Rolande LNG & Titan LNG Partnership press release

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