Aug 29

Titan LNG Bunkers Sleipnir Crane Vessel in Gibraltar

HEEREMA Sleipnir Crane Vessel Fuelled for the second time

After the successful LNG bunkering of the Sleipnir offshore Sumatra last month, Titan LNG has performed the second LNG bunkering in the bay of Gibraltar yesterday.

HEEREMA’s new LNG fuelled crane ship the ‘Sleipnir’ was supplied with over 3000 metric tonnes of LNG to continue its voyage to her first project in the eastern Mediterranean.

Niels den Nijs, CEO Titan LNG commented: “We thank the Port of Gibraltar for their support and are proud of our STS team, the crew on board the Coral Fraseri. The operation was performed in the sheltered bay helping to make this again a safe, efficient and smooth operation. We thank HEEREMA the trust and the cooperation that made this second LNG bunkering again a success. We look forward to supplying HEEREMA with more LNG in the future to fulfil Titan’s mission of lowering harmful emissions from the marine and industrial sector.”

The business case for LNG-fuelled vessels remains very compelling and hurdles are coming down for the widespread adoption of this cleaner fuel. The economics have worked out well for early adopters of LNG as a marine fuel, using ECA and IMO 2020 compliant fuel compared with the price of heavy fuel oil currently.