Jul 24

Titan LNG bunkers Bio50 LNG to new Furetank vessel

Fure Vinga receives a Green Gift for her Christening Ceremony

For the christening of the Fure Vinga, Michael Schaap from Titan LNG presented the CEO of Furetank, Lars Hoglund, with the Bio50 LNG gift. Bio50 LNG uses biogas certificates from European waste streams for 50% of its contents, creating a fuel that complies to the IMO 2050 carbon reduction target today.

Ronald van Selm, COO of Titan LNG, commented: “On top of LNGs excellent performance on SOx, NOx, and particulate emissions, these carbon emission improvements make LNG the genuine maritime fuel of the future. For now we add biogas certificates from waste streams and in the near future, physical BioLNG will be available on a larger scale.”

During her maiden voyage the Fure Vinga, the new vessel of Furetank Rederi was bunkered in the Port of Amsterdam. The vessel is the first of a 6 ship strong armada of next generation climate smart tankers currently under construction. All these ships are LNG powered and will be arriving in Europe over the coming months.

Titan LNG believes that the use of biogas certificates is an affordable, available, and scalable option for the LNG powered fleet to further reduce CO2 emissions.