Services and Support

Titan LNG provides practical advice, solutions equipment and services for ship-to-ship, cool down, commissioning and de-bunkering operations.

Services Titan LNG offers:

Commissioning new LNG fuelled vessels or installations by drying with nitrogen and cooling down of tanks with LIN (liquid nitrogen).

Our services include project planning and execution, and delivery of LIN when required. Next to cool down services and project planning, Titan LNG provides ship-to-ship transfers including safety procedures.

Are you interested in the supply of LNG, one of our LNG services, or do you have another question? Please contact us.


Our proprietary “Marine LNG Assessment Tool” provides decision making support for ship owners and charterers that consider the use of LNG as a fuel. The tool gives insights on the business case for LNG powered vessels and illustrates price differences between MGO and LNG. It also enables the user to calculate the energy equivalent and the pay-back period, considering various supply scenarios such as Truck-to-Ship and Ship-to-Ship in different ports.

The output data is presented in an easy to read report that can be used as reference material for the decision-making process to go for LNG or not.

Please complete the below form for the first assessment. The results will be sent to your email address. If required Titan LNG will follow up with you for more specific details to further tailor the data and pricing, availability, supply logistics, and design considerations.

Marine LNG Assessment Tool

LNG Anywhere

Titan LNG delivers LNG where requested around the globe. Titan LNG provides tailored solutions for our clients anywhere they require.