The pathway of LNG

From LNG to LBM to hydrogen-derived methane

LNG has incredible potential as a sustainable, versatile marine fuel that holds many options for a green future, such as LBM and hydrogen-derived methane.

LNG is produced at large natural gas production sites, in, for example Norway, Qatar. LNG, consisting of methane or CH4, is cooled at a temperature of -160°C. At this temperature the gas is a liquid, reducing the volume 600 times, enabling economical transportation and storage.


LNG is fully interchangeable with LBM.


LNG Bunkering

LNG – The economical and compliant (future) fuel for the shipping sector

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Supply & Distribution

Full-Service LNG solutions for industrial customers

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Services & Support

Projectmanagement and execution of cool downs, commissionings, and de-bunkerings

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