Dec 23

Port of Brest Sees First LNG Bunkering

Titan LNG delivers LNG to hopper dredger “Scheldt River” via trucks

A joint effort between Port of Brest, CCIMBO, DEME and Titan LNG resulted in the successful truck-to-ship LNG bunkering of the Scheldt River, the DEME owned LNG powered hopper dredger, last Thursday.

Eric Roellinger, Harbour Master Port of Brest commented: “Port authorities play a crucial role in the development and facilitation of the maritime use of LNG. Port of Brest stimulates sustainable developments, incorporating environmental concerns. LNG is a cleaner fuel for shipping, reducing emissions of CO2, Sulphur oxides, particles and Nitrogen oxides”.

Stéphane Lucas, Deputy Harbour Commander: “This bunkering marks an important step forward. Due to the strategic location of the Port of Brest, LNG bunkering activities will continue to increase in the future”.

Raoul Laurent, Port Operator Brest: “We are glad to have placed our trust in Titan LNG to carry out the LNG bunkering. They managed to provide us with sound procedures quickly, basing their extensive experience. We are looking forward to a long successful cooperation in the future”.

“This LNG bunkering in Brest underlines the expansion of LNG delivery options in the ports of Europe. We would like to thank the authorities of the Port of Brest for their proactive stance and enthusiasm, supporting us with our mission to make LNG available everywhere”, added Régine Portocarero, Business Development at Titan LNG.

Grégoire Thévenin from DEME commented: “Titan LNG and the Port of Brest managed to arrange the permit very quickly for unloading the trucks at the quay where the Scheldt River could bunker. Thanks to the professional cooperation between all partners, the operation was performed in an efficient and safe manner“.


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