Mar 30
nieuws over Titan LNG



Partnership to combine LNG sourcing and infrastructure

Roland LNG and Titan LNG have signed a strategic partnership for the sourcing and transportation of LNG to industrial customers and LNG truck filling stations in North West Europe. Source and transport LNG Roland LNG owner, Fred Schouten, commented: “Rolande LNG will jointly source and transport LNG with Titan in our five dedicated LNG tank containers so that our customers can benefit from competitive prices and secure supply from multiple sources.” The market for downstream LNG applications is rapidly expanding in North West Europe under pressure from environmental standards. These come in the form of Euro6 for trucks and emissions regulations for industrial companies.

LNG service solutions Niels den Nijs, commercial director at Titan LNG, commented: “To serve our customers both Titan LNG and Rolande LNG provide full service solutions differing only in the last stage of the chain. Rolande LNG focuses on trucks in the transportation sector and Titan LNG on the industrial sector and shipping sector. Even the infrastructure to store the gas in liquid form is similar.” Titan LNG is the leading LNG supplier to industrial customers in Germany, the Benelux, Austria and Switzerland. Rolande LNG is the leading LNG filling station operator active in road transport in North West Europe.

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