Apr 15

Hannover Messe press service summary

The Hannover Messe 2014 was an orange success! Titan LNG was picked up by the Hannover Messe Press Service that wrote this summary of our offering.

LNG vs fuel oil

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is conventional natural gas that is liquefied through cooling to -160 degrees Celsius. It has significant advantages over fuel oil as a fuel: because it is not a heavy hydrocarbon, burning it produces far less CO2, NOx, particulate matter and other pollutants. LNG is also much more economical than oil products. Now Dutch company Titan LNG is coming to HANNOVER MESSE 2014 to demonstrate how fuel oil can be replaced in industry by more environmentally friendly LNG.

Titan LNG helps companies with no natural gas connection to replace fuel oil or propane with LNG. The company offers a complete solution for the industrial sector that includes everything from financing to construction and supply of the LNG tank. Customers need undertake no investments in the LNG tanks. Also, any future move to replace natural gas with biogas is no problem for Titan LNG, as it can liquefy this as well.

Titan LNG press summary by Hannover messe press service

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