May 10

First Ship-to-Ship Transfer between LNG Powered Barges Completed Successfully

Rotterdam, 10.05.2016 – Titan LNG managed the first de-bunkering of a LNG powered inland waterway barge: the Greenstream in the Dutch port of Moerdijk.

The procedure was executed in close collaboration between Amulet Management & Services, Cryonorm, Titan LNG and the Port of Moerdijk with support from the Port of Rotterdam. All stakeholders, including charterer Shell, shipper Interstream and Lloyds participated in the project and provided feedback on the safety protocols made specifically for this ship-to-ship transfer.

The Greenstream is the first fully LNG-powered barge operating in Northwest Europe. The Barge needed to return to the shipyard with empty LNG storage tanks. The involved parties decided to transfer the LNG into her sister Barge, the Green Rhine at the port of Moerdijk. “The transfer of the LNG was completed quickly to the satisfaction and high standards of all parties involved. After the transfer most of the remaining methane was consumed using the engine and then the tanks were purged with Nitrogen”, commented Michael Schaap, Marine Advisor Titan LNG.


Titan LNG is a leading LNG supplier to industrial customers and the shipping sector.

Cryonorm is a leading provider of LNG equipment and services.

Amulet Management & Services is a ship management and crewing service provider.


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Michael Schaap, Marine Advisor Titan LNG,, +31 20 7220 724

Niels den Nijs, Commercial Director Titan LNG,,+31 20 7220 726