Nov 20

First LNG bunkering Ship to Ship in Ghent

Titan LNG FlexFueler001 delivers to tanker “Fure Valo”

In a joint effort between the North Sea Port and Titan LNG, the first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering in the port of Ghent took place last night. Titan LNG delivered around 150 tons of LNG to The Fure Valo, an LNG powered tanker, built in 2018 and owned by the Swedish company Furetank. Last year Titan LNG delivered LNG by truck-to-ship, as the first in the North Sea Port of Ghent.

Eric de Jong, Manager Logistics Titan LNG: “This LNG bunkering marks the expansion of LNG delivery in the ports of Europe. We are very pleased with the support of North Sea Port, to fulfil our mission to make LNG available everywhere. We are proud to have safely and efficiently delivered this ship-to-ship bunkering for the first time in Ghent.”

North Sea Port: “North Sea Port stimulates sustainable solutions. The transportation by water is an important element. Bunkering by barge saves several steps in the trajectory by road, therefore making ship-to-ship more efficient. Plus LNG is a cleaner fuel for shipping, that reduces emissions of CO2 and sulphur.”

Titan LNG is looking forward to continue delivering LNG around the globe.

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