Pathway to zero-carbon future is starting now


1. Comply with (future) global carbon reduction & energy efficiency legislation

Titan LNG actively assists shipowners and charterers to comply with future GHG & Carbon legislation by offering BioLNG right now

Advantages BioLNG:

  • BioLNG reduces direct GHG emissions up to 200% compared to fossil LNG
  • Fine particle emissions are zero and SOx and NOx are reduced by 70%
  • Improved air quality and therefore wellbeing of residents in coastal/port regions
  • Able to use the same infrastructure as LNG infrastructure
  • 100% engine compatibility & no retrofitting required
  • Stimulates circular economy and local businesses
  • Lower port costs

Future of BioLNG:

The EU commission approved the plan to include the shipping industry in the EU emissions Trading System. The legislation will come intro force as soon as 1 of January 2022 and will impact all parties in the physical transport chain as the EU seeks to decarbonise the shipping industry.

  • BioLNG is a scalable solution for the maritime & heavy duty road transport sectors (Source: CE Delft & Navigant). Current BioLNG production is ramping up fast
  • BioLNG is an enabler for IMO 2050 compliance on GHG emission reductions
  • Lower GHG & Carbon (EU-ETS) compliance costs.

2. Use of low carbon fuels for shipping

Titan LNG – an ISCC-EU certified BioLNG supplier:

  • Certified sustainable biomass
  • Certified chain of custody
  • Assurance of BioLNG sustainability claims
  • Future proof: Renewable Energy Directive II (REDII) 2030 compliant
  • ISCC-EU pure BioLNG & Blends delivered

Titan LNG – BioLNG offering:

  • EU REDII & ISCC-EU compliant BioLNG
  • End-to-End certified supply chain
  • “Closed loop system” for transport of BioLNG
  • 100% product compatibility (no blend wall)
  • Any bio blend delivered by truck, Barge, or bunker vessel

Titan LNG is delivering 3 high quality “EU approved” BioLNG blends:

  • Premium – B10 (10% BioLNG) ~ 30% CO2 reduction *
  • IMO2050 proof B33 – (33% BioLNG) ~ 47% CO2 reduction *
  • Any percentage required by customers or evolving regulations up to 100% CO2 reduction possible.

* Taking into account the benefits of “normal LNG” and the bio component together (average for a 2 stroke engine) compared to MGO/HFO.

3. Offset carbon emissions of low carbon shipping fuels

Titan LNG – an ISCC-EU certified BioLNG supplier:

Altough LNG is already a clean fuel, there are options to further reduce GHG emissions and offseting by using worldwide carbon emissions reduction rights protecting marine environments.

Titan LNG offers shipowners the option to offset carbon emissions produced by shipping activities. Full compensation of the journey or a % of the trip based on specific customer requirements.
Titan LNG is committed to support fragile marine environments such as mangroves. Mangroves are the forest of the sea as they absorb a large amount of CO2 – more than any other tree.

Their roots prevent erosion caused by extreme weather which helps protect the coastlines. They also purify the ocean and filter the water for marine life. Furthermore, they act as nurseries for fish and coral, supporting an incredible diversity of creatures.

Mangrove offset projects allow us to decarbonise your emissions, a positive impact by planting trees & protect marine environments. We use Gold Standard or VCS projects.